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creation 2014

Khatchkar is a ballet created for the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. This work was created in the Church Sainte Marie in Brussels. Produced by the company Le Rapt Invisible (, this performance is telling the story of five women during this period of the history. To underline the intense and hard history of the Armenian community, the music was based on traditional Armenian songs. 


Production - Le Rapt Invisible 

Artistic director - Romain Dayez

Choreographer - Ghislain Grellier

Music arrangement - Fabre Guin

Dancers - Virginie Benoist, Hélène Berrodier, Rebecca Louis, Amandine Vandroth, Marie Viennot 

Singers - Julie Calbete, Romain Dayez

Musicians - Juliette Malek Mansour (viola), Ingrid Schang (viola), Ondine Simon (alto ), Sylvain Ruffier (cello), Isaline Leloup (contrebasse),

                     Vardan Hovanissian (duduk), Yuki Koichi Takano (percussions), Eerik Maurage (percussions)


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