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creation 2019
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Constellation. If the title leaves no doubt on the subject matter, this dance is actually following the creation of a constellation, from the component to the texture and the shape. Deeply engaged in showing a strong and evolving relationship between dancers, or stars in a constellation, the dance is following the path of stars, made from dust, melting and shining in the sky. Indeed, there mechanical bodies progressively change into glowing ones. Through this transformation, the relationship between the dancers becomes more and more liberated and if all of them find different paths, they remained related to one another. 

A “main” character is all along the piece walking to this constellation. This character is at first seen on a screen, the sun rising on her face, trying to see around, lost in the universe. Then this body, in live this time, is transported in a slow motion, into a suspended walk, like the walk on the moon, until she reaches the constellation.

Constellation of stars, these dancers are fighting the attraction to the others until one by one they are closer to each other forming a single constellation. Through this agitation, the main character is snapped up to the constellation and supported in the center, floating in the air. 


To support this choreography, I have created with the help of the musician composer Baptiste Lagrave, also electronic composer and performer for Le Rapt Invisible, a unique music made of layers of electronical sounds. The first part of the music is establishing the atmosphere of the piece. A long calm electronic sound reproducing the idea of the “nothing”. This part is slowly growing into a deep and intense music as I want to create an exhausting and almost uncomfortable atmosphere for the audience. This part could be interpreted in one hand as the conflict between stars to become a constellation, but also as the struggling of the main Character, being alone on the space, lost, and disoriented. However, to contrast this intensity I decided to interrupt it by pure glowing harmonic sounds, which will represent the change in the mechanical bodies of the stars, becoming a constellation, but also this moment of piece that the main character find when accepting the place she is, and by giving up the fight and being part of her environment. This music has for main purpose to bring the audience to another space and another time. A time where lights and space make one. The final part of the music composed once again of harmonic electronic sounds, like a voice in her head, or the voice of God, of a spiritual guide helping the main character to embrace her environment and to be transformed in star and to take part of the constellation. A travel to the death, a travel to a new life, a travel to the beauty of being.


Choreographer : Ghislain Grellier 

Music composer : Baptiste Lagrave

Dancers : Miya Schaeffer - Brittany Woo - Crystal Ruelas

Videographer : Ghislain Grellier 

Light designer : Arsenio Apillanes

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