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The project Metempsychosis treats of the questions of memories and heritages. In this work we are looking at the ballet dance heritage and how the different versions of the Afternoon of a Faun choreography impact on our relationship with the dance. 


The evolution of the world, specially the digital changed our interactivity and perception on performances. This choreography is a built around and abstract dance but when watching through the Artivive App, the full environment of the work is revealed. 


The use of an application called Artvive, allow the viewer to watch the live performance through the medium of a screen (phone or tablet) and to add a digital environment to a live performance. With this technology, as creators, we are able to create layer of data to build the environment of the performance. 


Choreographer: Ghislain Grellier

Performer: Ghislain Grellier

Animator/Character Designer : Stephan Xie

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