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With my background as contemporary choreographer and dancer, but with a French educational background, ballet and contemporary dance in conservatory, I am interested in this creation to use my knowledge of the ballet dance vocabulary and my knowledge in creating contemporary performances. The choreography will be more created around the contemporary dance style that will create a connection between the ballet form of the performance and the contemporary dance field. However, I am interested to open the contemporary dance field to the ballet environment. Indeed, there is a room to bring contemporary dance in the ballet institutions without stepping out of what they are used to produce.




Video content created by Stephan Xie: Animator/Character Designer  

With this work, I am interested in understanding the component of a ballet repertoire such as Swan Lake, Giselle, Nutcracker. Indeed, all the ballet repertoire pieces are based on a story, a music, a decor, a corps de ballet with main characters. Creating a new ballet is for me the possibility of using new technics, new devices of creation. As part of the choreography and the ballet dancers, I am interested in bringing video projections as a main tool to create the background of the creation and to support the story. This video projection is permitting bigger and faster changes during the performance, going from images from the inside of a castle, to a forest, a small house and finally to a courtyard outside of the castle. To integrate the projection as main support for the story telling, the stage will be, from 2 sides. The floor will be one of the surfaces of projection. Using multiple surfaces of projection can give to the stage depth, volume, and create multiple stories simultaneously. 


Choreographer: Ghislain Grellier

Assistant choreographer: Miya Shaffer

Performers: Anafe Ysabella Calderon, Mizuki Sako, Sabina Schaffer, Miya Shaffer

Animator/Character Designer : Stephan Xie

Lighting Designer: Ben Conron

Costume Designer: Devon Horn

Assistant Costume Designer: Eva Zappata

Composer: Siegmund von Hausegger

Production Manager : Ginger Holdguin

Production Assistant : Clara Auguste

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