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creation 2019
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The choreography Passages, is a neo-classical - contemporary dance piece created for the dance students of the Santa Monica College. Performed at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, this piece is using the vocabulary of contemporary and ballet dance. The work is built around an intensive footwork and arms from the ballet vocabulary, and is based on three main components : speed, travel, space.  Based on the Widor’s Toccata, the sound of the organ is supporting the speed and the dynamism of the work. 


Choreographer : Ghislain Grellier 

Music composer : Charles Marie Widor - Toccata - Symphony N°5 for Organ

Dancers : Liam Gifkins, Michael Hale, Nicolette Hill, Yua Iga, Diego Morales, Rena Perl, Elizabeth Perez, Karlo Ramirez, Siu Kelvin Yuen


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