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creation 2018
eternelle - Ghislain Grellier .jpg

Inspired by the Armenian genocide (1915-1917), this solo was created in response to the work that I made in 2014 called Khatchkaralso about the Armenian genocide, who tells the story of five women. In this choreography, I tell the story of a man navigating between his strength and weakness, between the comfort of a home and the intense hardness of the deportation. The world around him is slowly collapsing. This solo is not a narrative representation of this historical time, but is a remembrance of a community, and all the community who once have been part of a holocaust. I have no desire to defend a political point of view, or the story of a single historic fact, but to find the beauty of the life, even in the worst moment. This man is fighting for his freedom even if he has to take a winding path. 

To support this choreography, I have created a set design composed of pieces of fabrics delimitating the space within the space of the theater. On the fabric a video is projected. The video is starting with a constant and heavy sounds and images of the rain. And while the world of this man is collapsing, the video is changing into Northern Lights, creating a contrast between the personal space of the man and the environment around him. This last video brings an open path to this man, connected to the idea of freedom.


Choreographer and performer : Ghislain Grellier 

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