Through my work as choreographer, I am deeply interested to understand the place of the community in our environment. Each time you come to a rehearsal, a new relationship is created between dancers, between the space, between collaborators and with the choreographer. Each artist I am working with is bringing to the community his own relationship with the world and brings a part of his/her community into the project. Being part of a community open to the question of what is this community? Why am I part of it? With who am I sharing it? And how can I engage myself in it? However, pointing a single community is not my primary interest, indeed, I am researching the component of a community and what could be the common community between people. That is why, I am looking to what make us part of the same world, what are the connection between us, as human beings. With live performances, different generations of audiences, with their interest, backgrounds are meeting in a same space to share an experience, a time together. With my work, I hope creating connections with viewers from different communities. 

My work engages a relationship between live performance and images, under the form of video projections, applications, digital devises. The use of this technology is making the link between different generations, between the “connected generation”, used to watch art on web platforms and the more traditional generation, used to the environment of theaters. Coming from traditional dance in France, I always have been interested to question my relationship with the dance world. I always been interested to understand the place of technology and image in live performances but also to understand the evolution of dance creations and dance audiences. My work is created to connect people. I hope to create for a large and eclectic audience who can share a common experience, even if everyone will find their own references to their life in my work.