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Ghislain Grellier  is an independent choreographer from France, and living in Los Angeles. Creating in the US allows him to share his French dance background and culture with the American culture. 

We invite you to join this dedicated group of individuals by donating to Ghislain Grellier. We rely on your support to sustain the upcoming creations: Constellation, The Twelve Brothers and 9 leçons.

100% of your contribution will go directly to these creations.

You can donate to Ghislain Grellier in several ways, and can choose to do so with either a one-off donation or a monthly recurring donation.

In return, you will be welcomed into our community of individuals, who believe in Ghislain's work supporting cultural exchanges and collaborations among artists, curators in California and France.

Any contribution, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated and will support the costs of the creations.

Donate below by clicking on the DONATE sign, you will have access to the PayPal account of the company and will be asked to choose the amount you want to offer.

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