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My goal is to provide students with the knowledge and tools required to become successful in dance and in life. Whether a dance major or not, undergraduate or graduate, each of my students has an equal opportunity to learn, to be kind, and knowledgeable citizens of society. A dance course should be inclusive and offer an equal learning environment where students are encouraged to challenge themselves and their peers in order to reach their personal best.


As a contemporary dance teacher, I push my students to be open to the world, and the different techniques they will meet during their career. As a professional dancer, they must adapt their techniques to each choreographer they will meet. I want my students to be versatile, independent, and capable of doing anything they want.  The technique I am teaching, is based on few principals that I believe are essential for a dancer: the use of the space and all the directions, the use of time, and the use of their memory. I train my students to develop a fast and efficient mind that will help them to perform in any condition and in any dance style. My expectations are high for each of my students as I want them to reach their full potential and meet their goals. I encourage my students to practice consistently so that they can learn what it means to be disciplined with something they love. I want my students to realize that their hard work in the studio can later contribute to their success in the profession and further develop their love of performing and creating.


During my classes, my students will practice a technique based on all the different choreographers and pedagogue I have met over the years that have shaped me as the artist I am now. They will practice floor work, partnering, contact improvisation, dance history, and anatomy. All the techniques they are learning are made to be tools they can use as performers and creators for their future.

Each class is adapted to the need of my students and the program they are or will perform. For that, they learn to identify the creative processes of other dancers and choreographers. Many choreographers ask for their dancers to improvise and create in their style, so understanding and being inspired by their peers is primordial for me.


My role as a teacher is to guide my students in finding their own voice in the dance world. They have to cultivate their own relationship to this art and find what emotionally moves them when dancing. I help them build a strong technique, a strong mind, and a strong independence. These skills will be a base that they will carry all along their career.


On top of learning tools to grow their technique and theorical skills, I do believe that my students need to connect with their community.  Dance should be for everyone; inclusivity and accessibility are important for me, and it is my role as a teacher to create consciousness on the major issues or inequity, racism, still present in the dance world. My students are getting a strong and open mind.


I am currently teaching ballet technique at the French Conservatory of Music of Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, where I am sharing my passion and knowledge to kids from 5 to 15 years old. Teaching ballet at PiYoDa Flow Studio in Los Angeles, teaching dance at Straight Up Abilities and teaching dance at Inclusive Dance Program. 

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