Teaching is, as a choreographer, an important part of my training. I am using my teaching practice to think and research about my work as a choreographer. I do believe that developing your dance technique in class as a dancer, or during a workshop, can prepare you to be more efficient as a performer and to respond faster to a choreographic inquiry. Formed in conservatories in France, first at the conservatory of Nice and then at the Conservatoire Supérieur National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP), I learned dance with the objective of becoming a professional dancer. I developed my own training and relationship to dance by critically crafting my ideas and my interests.


My role as a teacher is to guide my students in finding their own path in the dance world. They have to cultivate their own relationship to this art and find what emotionally moves them when dancing. I help them build a strong technique, a strong mind, and a strong independence. These skills will be a base that they will carry all along their career.


I got my teaching diploma from the Centre National de la Danse de Paris (CND) in 2015, and I have taught ballet and contemporary dance for different schools and levels. I taught contemporary dance for a social dance program proposed for adults in Paris. These classes are accessible to any levels and any social affiliation.

I do believe that dance should be for everyone, and it is my role as a teacher to transmit my passion. In each class, I give tools to increase their ability of moving and responding to technical movements, as well as transforming their relation to their body. Working in these classes confirmed my interest in working with communities and thinking about dance as a medium of connections.

As a Teaching Assistant at UCLA, I am currently teaching undergraduate and graduate students from various fields. I can teach courses such as ballet technique and history, contemporary technique, pedagogy, video creation/editing, production, improvisation, anatomy, and music for dancers. I believe that knowledge of the dance industry is essential for dance students today, and with my background as a producer, I can teach classes such as Choreography in a Setting of Performance, Marketing for Choreographers and Dancers, and Multimedia for Dance. In a Multimedia Class for Dancers, I would teach students the fundamental tools to create websites, edit dance videos in Adobe Premiere and edit photos on Photoshop. I believe these skills are needed for every dancer who wishes to be successful today. Finally, I am also very present on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). My expertise in social media management will help the dance department gain exposure, which will benefit both recruiting and audience building.

As a Teaching Assistant for UCLA’s French Department, I have been developing classes for beginners and more advanced students. Part of my job is to develop the content of the syllabus, PowerPoint, online class content, written exams (mid-term and final term) and organizing oral exams. I have also been a support for new TAs, providing them with my experience as a teacher.  As a foreign student, I have strong knowledge of the administrative papers and supplementary rules that are applied on foreign students.

Outside of my experience at UCLA, I taught for Santa Monica College. I was asked to create a ballet piece for students from different dance background and with different levels. I created a neo-classical piece called Passages, using technical movements and Laban Kinesphere’s technique. I focused my teaching on developing my students’ abilities to read a choreography and finding the solution to execute it with their own capacities.

I am currently teaching ballet technique at the French Conservatory of Music of Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, where I am sharing my passion and knowledge to kids from 5 to 15 years old.